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This simple message is an expression of company, which operates since 2017 year. We appreciate that every couple dreams of their wedding day, but may need a helping hand making those dreams a reality. That’s where we step in – we dedicate ourselves to each and every unique love story, because every couple deserves their perfect day.


Legal marriage in Georgia has a very simple procedure - your passports and two witnesses.

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Let us put your dreams into reality. Share with us your wishes and ideas.

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Our couples who left Georgia with special moments to remember.

Why Georgia?


Georgia has recently become very popular as a wedding destination. Why? It is very easy to register a marriage here, you only need your passports and two witnesses. You can do it either in the House of Justice or in one of the Wedding Halls, not only in the Capital of Georgia - Tbilisi, but in other cities as well.


Tbilisi remains the leading point for the marrige ceremonies There are various options available for either for the intimate ceremony for two or big wedding. Apart from the standard (but still very memorable!) ceremony in the Wedding Hall you can opt for many other venues such as Botanical Garden, one of the hotels’ terrace with astonishing views of the city, nearby forests with pure natural atmosphere and many more.


No matter you plan a marriage ceremony for two or a big wedding for the whole family and friends, you can choose one of the many places to do that. For example, one of the most attaractive towns for the couples is Sighnaghi- the City of love. Located in the beautiful region Kakheti this cosy tiny town is mostly famous due to the love story of famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosami who was in love with French actress. Pirosmani sold all his possessions and bought all the flowers in the town for his love. The other reason why Sighnaghi is attractive for the couples is the Marriage House which works round the clock. Don’t you find it exciting?


Sighnaghi is located in Kakheti region which can be proudly called as one of the major spots for wedding ceremonies in Georgia. Kakheti offers different range of venues fitting the preferences and wishes of couples from all over the world. Those picturesque forests, little vineyards, pretty chateaus, lake resorts and gorgeous Alazani valley.


Yet there is another magnificent city where many of the marriages take place - Mtskheta. Due to its close vicinity to Tbilisi (around 30 minutes by car) many couples prefer this ancient place for their marriages. We can organize the ceremony right in front of the confluence of Mtkvari and Kura rivers.


Georgia is known for its majestic mountains. Imagine your special day in the mind-blowing landscapes with your loved one. Such places like Gudauri and Kazbegi are the top spots for the wonderful function in the grandiose mountains.


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